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Hi, I’m Fobano, the founder of Pi. But “Where does that name come from?” I hear you ask. I was lucky enough to live in Spain for 9 years in a secluded valley half way along the Pyrenees called La Fueva or in the local dialect of the valley A Fueba. In Spanish someone or something from La Fueva is fovano, which in the local dialect the v goes to a b and you get Fobano. I started using Fobano while I lived in the valley because I felt so at home there and I still like it.

Pie in the sky refers to a dream with very little chance of coming to fruition. Pi in the Sky is about rising to that challenge and making Pi the best it can be. This blog will be the narrative for that journey.

I make my living as an IT Project Manager for a prestigious enterprise open source company called Inviqa which incorporates the brands Session Digital for eCommerce projects usually built with Magento Enterprise, SensioLabs UK for Symfony 2 projects and iKOS for Drupal eCommerce projects. TechPortal is supported by The Inviqa Group.

In my spare time I’m building Pi from the cloud up. My initial focus is on gaining a better understanding of the tools used by the teams I work with at Inviqa and thereby improve as a Project Manager. The emphasis on quality at Inviqa is paramount, so the toolset reflects that by being best in class at all stages of the project lifecycle. More on those tools in my coming posts.

As mentioned in my first post Pi has adopted a start local think global philosophy. The first portal is for blogs and it’s at 1.3142.xyz with the English ones, Pi Blogs, at the en.1.3142.xyz sub-portal. My first post is currently being translated into Spanish and will appear shortly in Los blogs de Pi at es.1.3142.xyz. Naming the portals with numbers keeps them short and avoids making them language specific. The same intention holds for using ISO 639-2 2-letter language codes.

I’ll be writing one post per month and publishing the original version of each post here at Pi Blogs on the 14th of the month.

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